Brenton is the Co-Founder and Director of the Sababi Institute. He is a political scientist who studies political and social behavior and a specialist in survey methodology. His research has appeared in some of the top journals in political science. Previously, he was the Director of Research at Sababi’s sister organization, Consilient, and the Chief Research Quality Officer at Forcier Consulting. He has led primary data collection in Kenya, Somalia, and South Sudan.

Manar is the Co-Founder of the Sababi Institute and the Somalia/Somaliland Country Director for our sister organization, Consilient. She has personally led primary data collection for over two dozen projects in Somalia and Kenya, including studies of Somalia’s customary justice system, the justice-orientation of Somali women, and community-police relations. Prior to her time at Sababi and Consilient, she completed 4 months of fieldwork in Nepal, studying attitudes toward flood abatement measures in rural communities.